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Rockies trade Drew Pomeranz for Brett Anderson

Jim Rogash

Oh, man, that feeling when pitchers hear their new home ballpark is Coors Field. Total transferred-to-Needles moment.

The Rockies made a deal on Tuesday, swapping out 25-year-old lefty Drew Pomeranz for 25-year-old lefty Brett Anderson. The former is a disappointing once-prospect. The latter is a good-but-injury-prone starter. Snap judgment: The Rockies won the trade handily. Also, check the snap that came with that judgment. Might have come from Anderson. Check his handily.

Still, Anderson used to be one of the brightest young pitchers in the game. The latent talent's still there, and he's on a good contract if he can stay healthy. He's also one of the best Twitter personalities in baseball.

That's not funny-for-a-ballplayer. That's just funny. That makes two likable players joining NL West teams today. Where are the Victorinos? Where are the Pierzynskis? This is obnoxious.

On the flip side, imagine going from a weird organization like the Rockies to an organization that seems to know what they're doing with their pitchers, like the A's. And that's before considering the big ballpark.

I think the Rockies just better, but we'll need to see how many innings Anderson gives them. It was flawed lefty for flawed lefty, so it's not like the balance of power in the NL West just tilted. But it's a nice little trade to help the Rockies in the short term.