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AFL lines, 11/6/13

AFL: Scottsdale defeated Salt River 7-4

Scottdale: SS Alen Hanson: 3 for 5, 2 SB
Scottsdale: CF Jarrett Parker: 1 for 5, 3B, SO
Scottsdale: C Andrew Susac: 2 for 3, HR, 2 BB
Salt River: 3B Jake Lamb: 2 for 4, HR, 2 SO

Scottsdale: RP Vidal Nuno: 4.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K

The Giants' Susac had another big game, connecting in the 2nd inning for his 2nd HR and reaching base four times. The game story included a quote from Susac about an adjustment he has made with his hands this fall. Prior to Susac's 2-run HR in the 2nd inning, the Giants' Parker had a 2-RBI triple. The Pirates' Hanson had three hits. The Diamondbacks' Lamb homered for the Rafters.

The Yankees' Nuno, the second of three relievers for the Scorpions, made an extended relief appearance. Facing 18 batters, he went through the lineup twice and faced more batters than any of the others to appear in the game.