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Giants prospect Gustavo Cabrera suffers major off-field wrist injury

We pause your regularly scheduled offseason nonsense to bring you chilling news from the Giants' farm system. According to Baseball America, 17-year-old outfield prospect Gustavo Cabrera has suffered a major off-field injury:

Multiple sources confirmed that Gustavo Cabrera, who signed with the Giants last year on July 2 for $1.3 million, suffered severe lacerations in his wrist that required surgery. Pictures of the injury obtained by Baseball America show the graphic nature of the damage, as Cabrera appeared to nearly lose his right hand.

The first thing to hope for is a normal life and speedy recovery for a teenager who just suffered a horrific injury. All baseball-related concerns are secondary. The accident happened on October 22, and he only recently began moving his fingers again. Guh.

But the BA article notes there is some optimism that Cabrera could return to limited action before the end of the season. You weren't going to see him until 2017 or 2018 in the best-case scenario anyway, but this is still extremely discouraging and terrifying news. You get used to knee sprains and ligament tears in baseball, but this ... ugh. Best wishes to Cabrera.