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Giants, Ryan Vogelsong reportedly working on one-year deal

Thearon W. Henderson

After spending most of the offseason thinking about goofballs like Bartolo Colon, Phil Hughes, and Josh Johnson, the Giants might just sign the guy they had last year. According to Henry Schulman, the Giants are making progress on a one-year deal with Ryan Vogelsong, but nothing is imminent:

It sounds like the Ryan Vogelsong deal will not get done before next week.

My good buddy Chris Haft reported that the contract could be worth upwards of $8 million if incentives are reached. I’ve learned that the guaranteed portion could be about half that, north of $3 million for sure.

In an offseason where the Giants could have turned over 60 percent of their rotation, they would essentially be swapping Barry Zito out for Tim Hudson instead. The Giants' plan for their rotation is to hope the guys from last year pitch better. Which isn't exactly exciting, though it would be hard for them to pitch worse, collectively.

I have a feeling this would be much more exciting if Vogelsong were on another team last year, that he would be more of an exciting buy-low option for the fifth spot. As is, I'm pretty stunned he might come back. For whatever reason, I had never considered it. I had Josh Johnson blinders on, I guess.