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2014 Hall of Fame ballot stuffed with ex-Giants


The 2014 Hall of Fame ballot was released Tuesday, and J.T. Snow is on it. Want Snow in the Hall of Fame? Make your case as eloquently as possible, and he'll get at least one vote. Be sure to mention the jawline.

There are a six ex-Giants on the ballot. In order of career wins above replacement:

1. Barry Bonds (162.5)
2. Jeff Kent (55.2)
3. Moises Alou (39.7)
4. Ray Durham (33.7)
5. Armando Benitez (17.4)
6. J.T. Snow (11.0)

Sorry, impressionable young Giants fans. Turns out that Snow might have been less valuable over his career than Armando Benitez. It also turns out that if Brandon Belt has one more season like last year, he'll blow by Snow in career WAR.

Of course, defensive stats always hated Snow, which I still can't believe. It's not like there was a Jeter gap between his stats and the eyeball test -- Snow looked like a first baseman who should win the Gold Glove every year. I never understood the defensive stats when it came to him and spits I don't reckon I can trust them no how.

The main point of this, though, wasn't to discuss Snow's relative worth, but to point out that Barry Bonds was worth more than the other five ex-Giants combined. And those guys were all thought of as having pretty lengthy, respected careers. It's why they made the final ballot in the first place.

Here's a list of the ex-Giants who will make the Hall of Fame this ballot:

There you go. Kent will get in eventually, I'm guessing, but not this year. Especially not while there's a faction of morality-soaked twits who refuse to vote in anyone from the Steroid Era because making everyone guilty until proven innocent is the only way to keep the cheaters out for sure. That way we get the Hall of Players Lucky Enough to Avoid This Specific Era, which is what baseball is about.

I have notes scribbled for an idea called "The Real Hall of Fame," which would be our version of those weird creationist museums. It would be an ideological alternative to the mainstream, and it would have "The Goddamned Barry Bonds Roller Coaster" running around the entire perimeter. So far the notes read only "sign up for kickstarter" and "barry bonds rollie coaster," but I'm sure I can flesh that out.

Six Giants, two of whom could conceivably get a vote, and one of whom should have the building named after him. None of them are getting in, though. Not this time.