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Yankees sign McCann, Cardinals sign Peralta


You might not think the Yankees spending $85 million on Brian McCann has anything to do with the Giants. You're totally wrong. The Giants are now that much closer to signing Robinson Cano, moving Marco Scutaro to third and Pablo Sandoval to first, and shifting Brandon Belt to left! Which is a rumor that absolutely no one is floating. But, still, technically, they're closer because the Yankees have less money to spend. Technically, the Giants have never been closer to acquiring Cano.

More importantly, we can finally bury those wacky McCann-to-the-Giants rumors, which never made sense, but still terrified me. It was so nonsensical that you could almost see it happening. It was like when you first heard the Marlins were going to spend a billion dollars on Jose Reyes.

Also, the Cardinals signed Jhonny Peralta for four years and $52 million, and you might think that has nothing to do with the Giants. And you're mostly right, other than the tangential effect it'll have on Brandon Crawford's eventual contract. But there was another secret fear of mine: some teams were curious about Peralta as a left fielder. There was no way the Giants were going to pay that much, especially for someone suspended recently for performance-enhancing drugs, but the thought still gave me the jibblies.

Also, also, man, that's a lot of clams for a shortstop I don't trust offensively or defensively.

There you go, two moves that don't really concern the Giants unless you squint. But without looking it up, I think McCann hit .480/.590/1.330 against the Giants over his career, so I'm glad he's out of the league. More importantly, I'm glad those silly McCann-to-the-Giants rumors are over.

So let's crank up the Cano-to-the-Giants rumors now, if only because I'm bored. The Giants have never been this close to Cano, you know.