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San Francisco Giants links and notes

Jeff Gross

Links! Some of them relevant. Most of them irrelevant. After the Javier Lopez signing, there haven't even been any rumors. No whispers. No rumblings. Not even a source with knowledge of the team's thinking. That's probably not going to change over Thanksgiving week.

Stupid Mets. I wanted the expensive Juan Perez.

Keith Law on 95.7 The Game
Law talks Hudson and Lincecum. Does he think Lincecum is overpaid? You'll just have to listen to find out. But, yes.


Willie Mays remembers ‘sadness and fear’ after JFK’s death | For The Win
Ted Berg excerpted a passage from LIFE in which Willie Mays shares his memories of President Kennedy's assassination. Mays never met JFK, which stuns me. I always figured Mays, Kennedy, and Elvis played pinochle or something. My whole image of the early '60s is shattered.


Sizing up the market for Robinson Cano - ESPN
Jayson Stark always does good work, especially when winter is coming. But this passage about who could get Cano was especially amusing:

San Francisco Giants: Marco Scutaro can play positions other than second base. But as one agent put it, "their style is to overpay their own guys, not someone else's guys."

It's funny until it's not.


Tavarez--the X rated version? - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog
This is six years old, but I just found it, and it's horrifying enough to share.


Beaver Butts Emit Goo Used for Vanilla Flavoring – News Watch
So Matthew Kory alerted me to this after I made a Nilla wafer reference. And I would still eat an entire box of them, even after reading this. Right when I think there's something wrong with me, I think of the first person who put beaver-butt goo in their mouth on purpose and made a note to add it to vanilla flavoring. Now that person was an interesting cat.

No one comes out clean in this one. Except maybe the beaver.


Upworthy: Springfield
I wish I thought of this. Oh, man, how I wish I thought of this.