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Javier Lopez re-signs for three years, $13 million

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The deal was rumored to be close. The deal is now rumored to be official. Javier Lopez is back for three years and a reported $13 million, according to Bay Area Sports Guy.

Yesterday Brian Sabean said the San Francisco Giants were close to bringing back Javier Lopez, and we’re hearing the deal is close to being official: three years for $13 million.

That's not bad. It's not cheap, but it's not an onerous deal. It's less than what Santiago Casilla got last year, for example, probably because Casilla faces more batters. I'm thinking it'll be less than what other lefties, like Boone Logan, get, probably because Lopez is already 36. I'm pretty sure Lopez is on the Jesse Orosco path, though, so I wouldn't have minded a seven- or eight-year deal, if only to create a Internet firestorm and mess with the market.

People who dislike Javier Lopez are bad people, so it follows that people who are really upset about this contract are also bad people. Don't be a bad person. Lopez gets a small raise, and he gets to keep not allowing home runs to left-handed hitters. We get to keep watching him pitch.


I like watching him pitch. My favorite part is when he gets the hitters out.