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Josh Johnson signs one-year deal with Padres

Well, shoot.


The Giants are looking for a fifth starter. There are tons of options out there, especially for a team looking for one- or two-year deals. But the best option, perhaps, was Josh Johnson, a hard-throwing former ace who has suffered two down years because of injuries and poor luck -- a perfect storm for bargain-seeking front offices in large ballparks.

Alas, it was another front office in a large ballpark that claimed him.

Free-agent starter Josh Johnson has reached agreement on a one-year, guaranteed $8 million contract with the San Diego Padres, a baseball source told

Before you get annoyed, here's another passage.

The pitcher had targeted the Padres and Giants as his top two choices and turned down bigger one-year offers to sign with San Diego, said a source.

Could be the Giants had a slightly bigger offer, but Johnson preferred being within driving distance of Las Vegas and/or not in the pressure of a pennant race as he looked to rebuild his value for next offseason. But, Josh, baby, the Giants weren't going to put you through that pennant-race thing, either! Look at the standings! Look at the standings!

Maybe there was something the Giants saw they didn't like, and you have to respect that. But in the none-knowing world of the fan and blogger, I'll admit to being disappointed. He would have been the perfect fifth starter, even if he were 75 percent of the pitcher he used to be. Instead, he's in baseball purgatory, probably because of something he did.

He will also start 18 games against the Giants next year. Be prepared. Even if he doesn't have a good season, it'll be annoying to see him over and over and over again.

Man, now I have to take all the supplies off the Johnson bandwagon and load them onto the Phil Hughes bandwagon. Ugh. This hardtack is heavier than you think.

Also, Josh Johnson is a very Padres name. They almost certainly have a reliever named John Joshson somewhere in the system. He throws a slider.