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Rumors: Josh Johnson interested in the Giants

Play it cool, buddy boy. Play hard to get, and they'll come to you.

Thearon W. Henderson

We interrupt your scheduled Tim Hudson analysis to bring you a quick rumor, by way of Henry Schulman:

Johnson is quickly approaching white-whale status for me, even though I'm not sure he can hold a helium balloon without wincing. The Giants got a steady veteran on Monday in Tim Hudson, so I'd be completely enamored of a gamble on pure upside, which is what Johnson represents.

But here's where us fanboys have to back off and let the people with white coats hold x-rays up to the light. Assuming the Giants have an extra $10 million to gamble on the rotation -- a big if -- there's no sense just flushing it down the Ben Sheets hole.

Two things can be true:

  1. The Giants have to be really, really convinced Johnson is healthy
  2. Boy, I sure hope the Giants are really, really convinced Johnson is healthy

It's nice to know that Johnson isn't pulling a Roy Oswalt, demanding to play for full price for any team that plays within 20 square miles of his house. No, Johnson is hoping to play on the West Coast, possibly for the Giants or Padres. And as long as he's healthy, I'm hoping the Giants snatch him up.

It doesn't matter if he goes to the Padres or Giants, really. At least he'll be playing in front of Giants fans either way.