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The Giants' 2014 payroll (update)

Jonathan Daniel

With Tim Hudson reportedly coming to the Giants for two years and $23 million, the Giants have now committed nearly $140 million to their 2014 payroll. This is good news if you're employed by the Giants to play baseball. This is bad news if you're expecting the Giants to sign Jacoby Ellsbury or something.

The current totals, assuming Hudson's deal will be $11.5 million in each season:

Matt Cain $20,830,000
Tim Lincecum $17,000,000
Hunter Pence $16,000,000
Tim Hudson $11,500,000
Buster Posey $11,280,000
Angel Pagan $10,250,000
Pablo Sandoval $8,000,000
Barry Zito's buyout $7,000,000
Marco Scutaro $6,670,000
Jeremy Affeldt $6,000,000
Sergio Romo $5,500,000
Santiago Casilla $4,500,000
Madison Bumgarner $3,950,000
Brandon Belt $2,400,000
Gregor Blanco $2,300,000
Jose Mijares $2,100,000
Yusmeiro Petit $1,300,000
Joaquin Arias $1,200,000
Brandon Crawford $1,000,000
Hector Sanchez $900,000
Ryan Vogelsong's buyout $300,000
Total $139,980,000

Updating the 25-man roster needs based on the above list:

One starting pitcher
Two outfielders
Two relievers
A bench player (INF or OF)

The bench player and at least one of the relievers and outfielders will likely come from internal options like Heath Hembree and Juan Perez. I'd guess the Giants are going to sign or trade for one of the following:

One starting pitcher
One reliever
One outfielder

Let's see. Mike Morse, Chad Qualls, and Ted Lilly would all help keep the Giants' payroll under $150 million, you know. But I'm not not sure if $150 million is the magic number, or if the Giants will blow past it. Or, heck, they could be done already unless they clear some salary.

My guess: one more starting pitcher (like Josh Johnson or Dan Haren), Javier Lopez, and a right-handed outfielder you've kind of heard of, like Reed Johnson or Matt Diaz. Whatever the Giants have in mind probably isn't going to be too sexy, considering the payroll is already close to $140 million.

Hudson was a good grab for a team that needed to fill multiple spots in the rotation, but that's less wiggle room the Giants now have to find an outfielder.