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Giants reportedly close to signing Tim Hudson

Thearon W. Henderson

Steve at Bay Area Sports Guy has scooped the world before with the Buster Posey extension, and he's now reporting the Giants are close to signing Tim Hudson:

According to a source, the Giants are nearing a deal with Tim Hudson that could be announced as soon as today. The reported figures: two years and $23 million.

I believe him! He scoops good scoops. Also, I'm very much in favor of this deal, and I argued for something similar here. The annual value is high, but it fits with the one- and two-year plan the Giants are smartly pursuing to bridge the gap between now and then, where "now" is the weird quasi-win-now state of the Giants and their locked-up young players, and where "then" is when the handful of pitching prospects should be ready to graduate from the upper minors.

The last time the Giants signed a famous ex-Athletic, they won two World Series, and absolutely nothing bad happened. Will this follow the same path? Probably. It probably will.

More analysis to follow, but the Giants have a solid starting pitcher, and they're one step closer to not getting Ricky Nolasco for four years. That's a good thing.

Edit: Heyman is confirming.