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Very Important Theatre, Vol. XXV: Will Clark destroying the Cubs

I was 11 when the Giants and Cubs played in the 1989 NLCS: old enough to be interested, not interested enough to actually watch all of the games. I don't remember the Cubs scoring six runs off Rick Reuschel in Game 2 or Robby Thompson's home run to break the tie in Game 3.

I remember Will Clark going bananas, though.

Maybe I just heard the kids at school talking about it, or maybe my mom gave me after-game updates every day whether I wanted them or not. But Will Clark hit .650/.682/1.200 in the series -- a mark that impresses even Marco Scutaro. That's 13-for-20 with three doubles, a triple, and two homers. Amazing.

People forget that Mark Grace was just as good, hitting .647/.682/1.118, with three doubles, a triple, and one homer. Maybe that's because he was on the losing team, or maybe because he's a masterclass jackass. But that's not a Mark Grace video up there. That's Will Clark in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Two quick and final notes:

1. The people back in the '80s were spoiled because they got to listen to Vin Scully do the playoff games.

2. The guy who catches Clark's first home run is the most amazing person who ever existed, and I want to read his biography.

So for no specific reason, here's Will Clark being a jerk to the Cubs.