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The 2013 Giants offense, visually

Thearon W. Henderson

Now, I don't really know what I'm doing, but when I "created a spreadsheet" and "pasted in game logs" and "made a line graph?" it didn't catch my computer on fire, so I think this data might even be accurate. It's a day-by-day graph of the OPS for the Giants' starting position players. I made this!

Click it to enlarge if you're all squinty.

Setting the scale from .500 to 1.000 made it easier to read, but it cut out some of the April lines. You pretty much know what's going on, though. Look at Belt pop out around April 21 and reaffirm that he's still alive. And when Crawford saw what existed above the grey border, and it frightened him so much, he vowed never to go back.

There's no sense analyzing this too much -- it's self-explanatory, for the most part -- but I do want to point out how much better Buster Posey was than his teammates for a couple months. Seems like it was 2009 by now, but there was a time where the Giants had one excellent hitter and a bunch of feh. The good news is that everyone other than Crawford started trending in the right direction. The bad news is that Posey sank toward the bottom. And how.

I'm still silly enough to think the offense will be fine, especially if the Giants replace that yellow line crawling around the bottom of that graph.