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San Francisco Giants link dump, 10/6

You are far away from the base what are you doing
You are far away from the base what are you doing

Short dump this week, as the Giants haven't been in the news this week for some reason. Go figure.


Bay Area Sports Guy – Some players the Giants might consider trading
Belt makes the list. Berman's trolling us all! But otherwise, a solid list.


2013 MLB No Hitters as Heat Maps —
Lincecum makes it with stuff that was harder to hit and harder to control.


The NotGraphs Roast of Brian Wilson | NotGraphs Baseball
I laughed more than once. Wish I had thought of the format. Probably would have worked in a Tom Green reference on this one, because I just realized that Wilson kind of reminds me of a slightly-more-ready-for-society Tom Green. Which is chilling.


BSports Best List - Bloomberg Sports
According to Bloomberg Sports' proprietary metrics, Hunter Pence was even better than we thought.


Rays ace could be prize of offseason | New York Post

The Diamondbacks, because of the presence of touted pitching prospect Archie Bradley, were mentioned frequently, as were the Padres, Giants, Reds and Red Sox.

It would take the San Jose Giants' rotation, and I'm not okay with that. The Giants are a weird mix of win-now and win-later, and I'm not sure if a prospect dump for a single player is the best idea.


Federal Judge Holds Key Hearing In San Jose vs. MLB Lawsuit | FanGraphs Baseball
There was a hearing in San Jose on Friday, and Wendy broke it down.

Our cost is this, Oakland: David Price. Figure it out, and San Jose is yours.