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Report: Giants 'favorite' for Jose Dariel Abreu

Report: I don't believe it. Unless they meant Tony Abreu. They have a good shot at him!

Koji Watanabe

There is a rumor. It's my job to relay the rumors. But I don't have a good feeling about this one. It's a rumor, though, and it's about Cuban slugger Jose Dariel Abreu. From Joe Frisaro:

The Marlins are all-in on signing Abreu. But can they seal the deal? That will be up to team owner Jeffrey Loria, and how much he is willing to spend.

According to a source, the Giants are considered a favorite to land his services.

Elsewhere in the story:

Projections are it will take between $45-60 million to land the 26-year-old Cuban native, who is said to have a boyish face and fun-loving personality.

"Okay, here's the scoop. But one condition."

"No problem."

"Mention his boyish face and fun-loving personality."



"Yeah, whatever. Does he have a favorite song?"

The Giants have been on record saying they didn't like Abreu's swing or defense, but that could be gamesmanship. Every other source keeps linking the Giants to him, and if you're looking for dingers, he's probably the offseason solution. Maybe. For a price. It would be risky. And it would push Brandon Belt to the outfield for good.

Counterpoint: dingers.

I like dingers.

There will be a lot of Abreu rumors this fall and winter. That makes this offseason 20 times more interesting than last offseason. Even if the Giants don't land him, I'll take the sweet, empty rumor calories.