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Playoff predictions thread

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

My predictions are going to be wrong.

Your predictions are going to be wrong.

Everyone's predictions are always wrong. Did you jot down your predictions for the 2013 season in this thread? Check them out. Wrong. Also, please ignore the part from that article about how the Giants have a duty to protect us from a good and happy Dodgers team. That was just childish whimsy.

Still, it's fun to pretend like we know what's going to happen in a short series. With the Wild Cards out of the way, we're down to the field of eight that we're used to. Let's see if one of us can nail all four of the LDSes, both of the LCSes, and the World Series. I don't think that's ever happened before on the site.

Braves over Dodgers
Cardinals over Pirates

Would I sell the Pirates down the river to make sure the Dodgers didn't advance? Damn right. So this is my offering to you, baseball gods.

Red Sox over Rays
A's over Tigers

No rhyme and/or reason with these. Just picking names out of a hat, basically. Of all the series, I think I'm most interested in A's/Tigers for whatever reason. Probably because I've seen the A's more this year than any of the other playoff teams, save the Dodgers.

Please don't save the Dodgers.

A's over Red Sox
Braves over Cardinals

In which we realize that we're rooting for wasps to win the NLCS. But as long as the Red Sox aren't the team against the Braves/Cardinals, there's a shot at a World Series worth caring about.

World Series
Braves over A's

Sigh. So gross. But the elves who whisper these truths into my ear at night know not of the baseball gods. They're just couriers.

There you have it. Braves in six. I hope not. But, again, if I had to make a deal on behalf of the Braves to guarantee sadness for the Dodgers ... no hesitation. Sorry, A's