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AFL lines, 10/26/13

AFL: Scottsdale lost to Glendale 5-2

Scottsdale: LF Jarrett Parker: 1 for 4, 2 SO
Glendale: 1B Travis Mattair: 3 for 4, HR, SO

Scottsdale: RP Kyle Crick: 1.0 IP, 1 K

While no Scorpion had two hits, the Giants' Parker contributed a single.  After nine AFL games he has 8 H and 12 SO in 33 AB (.242 AVG).  The Reds' Mattair had the game's lone HR and the game's lone multi-hit line.

The Giants' Crick, now moved to the bullpen, appeared as the second of five Scorpions relievers, pitching a perfect 5th inning.  He threw 7 of 8 pitches for strikes.