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Giants re-sign Tim Lincecum for two years, $35 million

Denis Poroy

Remember last week, when the news was that Tim Lincecum was going to test the free-agent market? And I politely said that was stupid news because of course he was? Everyone tests the market? Well, it looks like the stupid person was me. And possibly Lincecum's agent. And maybe everyone in the Giants' front office when this is all done. But Tim Lincecum re-signed for two years and $35 million.

That's a lot of millions. And according to Jon Heyman, there's a no-trade clause, too.

The Giants have Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain locked up for the long term, but those were the only guarantees in the 2013 rotation, too. Faced with the prospect of finding 60 percent of the rotation on the open market or bringing back a familiar fan-favorite at what certainly seems like a premium, the Giants chose the safe route. Which happens to be extremely risky.

Lemme chew on this for a bit and get my thoughts in order before I write something that'll look dumber than normal in a couple years. The good news is that Lincecum isn't going to be on the Dodgers. Or the Mariners. Or the Royals. Heck, it doesn't matter, it would have been completely unpalatable to see him in another uniform.

The bad news is that it's been two years since Lincecum has been good news, except for the month of good news after the year of bad news. I guess everything averages out to whatever news? Look, I don't know ...

Tim Lincecum: still a Giant. That's probably better than the alternative, even if it took a lot of millions to do it. So many millions.