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Very Important Theatre, XXIII: condensed World Series games

Dong hats. Never forget
Dong hats. Never forget
Doug Pensinger

You know how a lot of the Very Important Theatres start with pleas and admonitions not to let anyone else know about the videos, lest MLB find out and make YouTube pull them? Well, these actually come from MLB and YouTube.

I had no idea this existed. Thanks to this Internet user for pointing it out.

Some quick Q&A:

Isn't it depressing to watch this stuff again right now?
Yes. But also uplifting.

Isn't it pathetic to watch this stuff again right now?
And how! Pathetic like looking at your high-school yearbook every night before bed.

Why then would you ...
Because we're weak. And because it's still awesome. CHECK THIS GAME OUT.

It's literally the greatest baseball game I've seen in person, and it's presented here with crowd noise instead of announcers, which is how I remember it.

Don't think too much about it. Other teams are having more fun. But it's pretty easy to get over the shame and guilt once you start watching. Wheeeee!

Posey was safe/Han shot first.