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If I had a Hall of Fame ballot ...

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Ezra Shaw

I'll have more on the Hall of Fame in the morning, but that will be mostly Barry Bonds related. BIG OPINIONS.

Until then, a quickie post with my faux ballot. Seeing as my boss was booted from the BBWAA this year for associating with me and my ilk, I'm pretty sure I'll never have a real ballot. Which is fine. I somehow managed to screw up the SBN Awards every year. Last year I didn't get the e-mail, and this year I hosed Clayton Kershaw, which I now regret. Kind of. So the odds of me ending up as the Corky Simpson of a future Hall of Fame ballot would have been pretty high.

With that in mind, the pretend way is probably the best way. And here's my pretend ballot:

1. through 10. (Barry Bonds's name scrawled in blood and feces on the wall of the A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center)

Whoops. You weren't supposed to see that. Okay, the real fake ballot:

1. Barry Bonds
2. Roger Clemens
3. Jeff Bagwell
4. Tim Raines
5. Mike Piazza
6. Alan Trammell
7. Edgar Martinez
8. Curt Schilling
9. Craig Biggio
10. Mark McGwire

The best part about the full ballot is that I don't have to decide on Kenny Lofton or Sammy Sosa yet. I'll just kick that can to next year. I've come around on Walker; all of the others are either new to the ballot, or I've supported in the past.

Edit: That is, I *had* come around on Walker, but then I realized that I left Craig Biggio off the ballot. See? I told you I'd screw something up. And I did it about 10 minutes after finishing a 1,000-word piece on Biggio for tomorrow morning. Jeez.

If you have a ballot, now's the time to share it. Remember: This is really, really important, and your opinions need to be defended at all costs.