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Fluorescent BALCO is here!

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It tangentially relates to the Giants!

"Swing" and a "miss", Alex! This new news has "called you out", and you're "heading to the bench!"
"Swing" and a "miss", Alex! This new news has "called you out", and you're "heading to the bench!"

Good morning. There's a new steroids scandal. The link is here. We'll give you a few moments to read it. Or you can note these simple takeaways:

  • Alex Rodriguez isn't getting into the Hall of Fame until 2078.
  • Gio Gonzalez's name is now sullied, even though maybe it shouldn't be.
  • Melky Cabrera, former Giants' All-Star ... was dirty
  • People in tennis take HGH? Huh. Makes sense, I guess.
  • That sudden career spike of Nelson Cruz's when he was 26/27? Yeah, about that ...
  • The difference in professionalism between BALCO and this company is really jarring. It's like when Boogie Nights shifts from the '70s to the '80s, and the artistry just isn't there anymore. For shame.

I was so proud when BALCO broke -- imagine, my little hometown of Burlingame, in the news! And I'd like to think that somewhere in Miami, a pasty, yellow-shirted blogger is there to witness the day his little hamburg has finally arrived. Now we know about this place! Miami: land of spinning-fish statues, spinning fish-statues, and steroid dispensaries.

The relevant Melky quotes are fascinating:

It might be what's listed in a 2012 notebook from Bosch's office. Under a heading labeled "Melkys/Mostro," Bosch writes, "April 4th drop off, has enough meds until May 4... next visit deliver and infuse $9,000 to RPO and $900 exp. and charges. Call him for expense. Missing this mo. troches and pink cream."

That can't be good for you, though the pink cream sounds delicious. No other Giants were implicated, and really, most of the people who were implicated have been caught already. Which, as the article notes, "suggests that either Bosch isn't particularly gifted at crafting drugs that can beat performance tests or his clients aren't careful."

And here we thought the news of the day might be a Kyle Lohse contract. Nope. Steroids! And a lot of them. And, oh man, Alex Rodriguez really isn't going to break that record, is he?