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A Giant resolution

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Happy New Year! Regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow. This Monday/Tuesday holiday setup is awesome. We should make make up new holidays like 'Merican Boxing Day and 'Merican Boxing Day Eve for the 7th and 8th of every year. A fella can get used to this.

Until then, this is a thread for resolutions. Do you do them? Do you sit back, arms folded, and loudly proclaim that they're stupid? Are you that person? I generally make them, and I generally break them, but 12 years ago I dropped a pack-a-day habit because of a resolution, so I'm still a sucker for making them every year. You have to make them things that you can keep. For example, I'm going to completely avoid cocaine and cocaine parties this year. Like, no thanks.

This year, I'll make two resolutions: one that's life-related and one that's Giants-related. The life one is something boring (eating more fruit and vegetables, eating fewer donuts and cookies and muffins and muffin donuts and donuffins and monuts and pie and more pie and toffee … things like that). The Giants one is for this site. Here goes:

I resolve to be rational and calm about Tim Lincecum, whether it's in regard to his ups and downs during the season or his expiring contract after the season. Because, you know, this is going to be a freak out either way. PUN TOTALLY INTENDED.

If he's awful again, there will be panic. But if he's good again, there will be panic. The last time the Giants let an All-Star go all the way to free agency was … well, Melky Cabrera. But I think the name I was searching for was Jeff Kent, and he wasn't homegrown. He wasn't quite the fan favorite that Lincecum is. He didn't own the town like Lincecum does.

So on New Year's Day, I'm a gonna take a step back and keep this mind. Until the first time I feel like panicking.

Maybe I should make an easier resolution.

I resolve not to write a glowing remembrance about Orel Hershiser.

Yeah. That'll do. Happy New Year's, everybody.