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The curse of thinner air

The difficulties of building a team in Coors Field is something that's fascinated me for a while. But one thing I didn't think of is the difficulty of staying healthy in such a different environment. The fantastic Jonah Keri sat down with Rockies quasi-GM Bill Geivett and asked him about it.

You know, it’s our 20th season, and I think we’ve found we’ve had a lot of injuries. I think, for us, that’s a part of it, probably. What I’m doing here is really to dig into all that we do and try to figure it out. But we’ve had more than our share of soft-tissue injuries here.

Possible theories were brought up, such as longer games (because of the increased offense) and a bigger outfield to cover. Maybe one's right, or maybe it's inappropriate to suggest Rockies players get hurt more often until there's a hard study done.

Until then, it's still fascinating. What a weird franchise!