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Barry Zito, Playoff Pitcher

Barry Zito is going to be on the playoff roster this time. But it worked so well the other way last time.

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The Giants will not be without Barry Zito in the playoffs this time. From

Zito, who was omitted from the roster for the entire 2010 postseason, termed the news that he would be included this time as "outstanding."

All five starters are going to make the roster, but one of them will be in the bullpen. Matt Cain would make a sweet closer, now that I think of it. But what's a wee bit more likely is that we'll have to prepare for the knife fights between the Zito faction and the Vogelsong faction. Also, there's a Zito faction now. Those last five seasons were just a warm-up, baby.

There will be more time to discuss this at length, especially after Zito and Vogelsong make their turns in the rotation. But the newfound confidence in Zito reminds me about the parable of the scorpion and the turtle.


A scorpion asks a turtle to carry him across a river. The turtle says, "No way! You'll sting me!" The scorpion points out that if he stings the turtle, they'll both drown. The turtle agrees, and as he's crossing the river, the scorpion stings him. "Why would you do that?", says the turtle with his last breath. And the scorpion says, "Because I'm a scorpion, you idiot."

Barry Zito is the scorpion. Maybe I should have updated the parable to have the scorpion walk two hitters and give up a double. But you get the idea. Zito was awful in August. He wasn't especially good in July, June, and May. Also, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. And he'll sting you. He'll sting you right in the turtle.

But his curve looks good in September! Turnin' the corner, everybody. Turnin' the corner.

Where am I? If I go outside in this strange world, is coffee going to drink me? So odd.

Zito's not in the rotation yet, but considering their reluctance to use him as a long man in 2010, I'd say the odds are pretty decent he'll be in there. Which, huh.