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Giants Magic Number Update

Pool Photo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Presented for your edification, here's a link to the top collapses in baseball history. The bad news: The 1993 Giants are on there, and the 2011 Giants sneak in at #96. The good news: The 2010 Padres make the top ten.

According to Cool Standings, the Giants have a 99.8-percent chance of winning the division, combined with a 0.1-percent chance of winning a wild card. Meaning that if the Giants blow it, it will be the biggest collapse in major-league history.

No pressure.

Just when I start to get weird and cynical, though, I stare at the updated chart. Here's what a magic number of seven six means: (UPDATED: 9/19 AT 4:22 P.M. AFTER DODGERS LOSS IN FIRST GAME OF DOUBLEHEADER)

If the Giants finish the season like this ... The Dodgers would need to do this to force a tie ...
0-14 9-5
1-13 10-4
2-12 11-3
3-11 12-2
4-10 13-1
5-9 14-0
6-8 Nope
7-7 Champagne in the champagne room

The Dodgers have had one 9-6 stretch in the past two months. The Giants have never had a 14-game losing streak in their history. And that's the scorched-earth scenario. Looks pretty favorable, if I have to go out on a limb.

Now let's all go over to the 1995 Angels page and stare at it for a while. Can you even imagine?