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The Magic Number

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This isn't a post saying you should still be nervous. This isn't a post saying the Giants have the division locked up. It's just something I put together because I've never been good with magic numbers. That is, when I hear the magic number is eight, I don't get excited. It's a number without context. I'm not good at the maths.

If the Giants finish the season like this ... The Dodgers would need to do this to force a tie ...
0-15 8-7
1-14 9-6
2-13 10-5
3-12 11-4
4-11 12-3
5-10 13-2
6-9 14-1
7-8 15-0
8-7 It's over, suckers

I'd prefer the Giants to go 15-0 and catch the Nationals and Reds for home-field advantage, myself. But it's helpful for me to see what an eight-game lead means with 15 games to go. It turns out to be something of a good situation for the particular baseball team I follow. Well, I'll be.