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Reminder: 7th Annual McC Night at the Yard is this Friday 8/24

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Our annual drink-up/meet-up and AT&T Park excursion is drawing near. Will you be there?

Date: Friday Augst 24
Time: 5:00pm (or so) until 6:30 (or so)
Place: Zeke's (corner of 3rd & Brannan)If you're going to the game, meet us at the bar for a drink or three. Even if you're not going to the game, you're welcome to join us. I'll try to get there at 5pm. If anyone arrives earlier, please try to hold our traditional spot (the big pool table) for the group.

Tickets are available on Stubhub starting at $23. Form a group, buy some tickets! In my seats will be grant, jponry, can of corn and myself. (We'll be in LB 117 if you want to sit near us...or avoid us.) Johnny and Mrs. Disaster will be there too.

Also attending (according to the previous Fanpost): glenallen hill's waterpipe, gallo del cielo, jctgamer, waelwuf

Maybe's: j14, murray, present, groug, citygirl, sanfrankid, walkoff balitmore chop, dregarx

Every year, we have a great time meeting, putting faces with screen names and just general BSing. We're a friendly group...and a kick in the pants to drive. So who else is in?