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Overnight Link Dump

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Nate Schierholtz's parting thoughts on Bruce Bochy
A couple of quotes from Nate Schierholtz, who wasn't pleased with the quick hook he had to deal with in his brief dalliances with the starting lineup.


Most interesting trades often are the ones that aren't made - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

A week or so before the non-waiver deadline, the Milwaukee Brewers thought they were close to trading Francisco Rodriguez to the San Francisco Giants. Rodriguez had just taken over for John Axford as the Brewers’ closer. Righty Brad Penny had just had a bad outing for the Giants. And then the Brewers went to Philadelphia, and K-Rod crumbled. The Giants quickly backed off.


Yasiel Puig debut vs. AZL Giants (8/1/2012) on Vimeo
Come for the Puig. Stay for the Giants, whom I can't identify, but are still cool. My amateur strawhat-eyes tell me that Puig was rusty. Puig. Puig. Puig. Puig.


CBS' 60 Minutes - Field of Dreams - YouTube
A segment about Tampa luring teams away to their shiny new "domed" stadium that was "state of the art" and "something that will totally stand the test of time." We were almost fans of an expansion team. That would have been weird.

Star-divide Prospects: Prospect Q&A: Prospect Q&A: Hunter Pence
An old Q&A with Hunter Pence I found. It's nothing groundbreaking, but I'm including it for the sad ending. :(


Zoo With Roy: Phillies High: Shane Moves to California
I'm sure this is filled with inside jokes that I don't get, and they actually *like* Shane Victorino, if you can believe it, but this episode of Phillies High made me giggle. Titter, even.


The Left Field Line: Bullpen Depth: George Kontos
The odd pattern of George Kontos's use, and how it relates to Tim Lincecum for some reason.