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Giants Heroically Save Time for Thousands of Fans


If you're going to end a six-innings-per-start streak, that's the way to do it. Set it on fire and dance around it like you're at Burning Man. Getting pulled after five innings because of a high pitch count is boring. Go for some records, personal or otherwise.

It's stunning to watch Vogelsong get bludgeoned like that. He hasn't allowed eight runs in two consecutive starts as a Giant, much less anything close to this. While a lot of the blame fell elsewhere, including two consecutive Theriot wherp-a-floops and a blown call, there were still hard-hit balls and walks. Usually Vogelsong can work around those. This was not usually. This was the antonym of usually.

Maybe if the Giants had their optimal defensive alignment, the bleeding could have been staunched at some point. I'm not sure if Arias or Sandoval could have turned two on the rocket hit to Theriot, but maybe. And for a guy like Vogelsong -- a little below average with the strikeouts -- he can't abide the runners he doesn't allow himself, and …

Good gravy, what are you doing? You can't possibly want to read about this game. If you came for a joke, well … alright, give me a second.

Justin Christian, Angel Pagan, and Dave Henderson walk into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, Hendu!", and the other two guys look at each other, like, what?

Wait, no. Okay, okay. A Navy SEAL is given an emergency kit before a mission. Inside the kit is a pill, a belt, a one-pence coin, and a penny. The SEAL takes the kit, looks at his commanding officer, and says, "Holy crap, Brad Penny sucks."

No, no. That's not good. I can't remember exactly how this one goes, but I remember the punchline is "And the manager says, 'No, I didn't say Walking Hairy Ass, but as long as he's in there, let's see if he can pick it."

Nothing. There's no way to laugh about this game. There's no good way to analyze it. I mean, I think we're seeing a pattern with Brad Penny, but maybe the next 50 innings will surprise us. You don't know until you try is all I'm saying. Pretty sure those last couple of years were a fluke.

It would have been cool if Vogelsong could have won the ERA title, but it would be a lot cooler if the Giants could win a game against the Nationals.

The best part about this game is that Madison Bumgarner's ERA+ went up. That is a serious comment.

Here's a documentary about cuttlefish. They are truly awesome creatures:

Watch Kings of Camouflage on PBS. See more from NOVA.

While we're on the nautical theme, I think Gregor Blanco should bite Roger Bernadina right on the arm and reclaim his shark-based nickname while Shark Week is going on. There wouldn't be a jury in the world that would convict him. The time is nigh.

Just a couple of first-place teams battlin' it out.

That game was bad, but it could have been a one-run loss in 14 innings. Now you're relaxing, watching something on cuttlefish. Looks like the real winner is you, not those stupid Nationals*.

*Not true