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Hot, Compelling San Francisco Giants Rumors

Jon Morosi likes to watch you freak out and scatter like ants. There are a lot of rumor-mongers out there. There's Ken Rosenthal, Buster Olney, Danny Knobler, Jayson Stark, Jon Heyman ... really, I'm probably missing a bunch. But it's Morosi who is screwing with the Giants fans who have active imaginations.

His latest rumors, which range from intriguingly terrifying to abjectly terrifying:

Rumor #1

If #Phillies decide to make Hunter Pence available, #SFGiants expected to make a push. They want a RH-hitting OF bat.

Bonus response to tweet by fan of opposing team:


I'd assume that Pence would come at a steep price because a) the Phillies paid a heckuva prospect price last year, and b) he is under contract for 2013. That'd be his last arbitration year, and he could make something like $15 million, so that might not be a good thing. He's hitting .267/.334/.447 -- much closer to his career averages than you might think -- and he freaks me out.

But as an upgrade to right field? He'd be just swell, assuming Ruben Amaro, Jr. is willing to give him up for Emmanuel Burriss and Ehire Adrianza.

Spoiler: Amaro is not willing to give him up for Emmanuel Burriss and Ehire Adrianza. Pence, if his trade value matched his actual value, would be a good acquisition. I'm scared the Giants overrate him.

Rumor #2

#SFGiants and #Angels among teams that have shown interest in #Mariners righty Brandon League, sources say.

Maybe the Giants can send Tim Lincecum back in the deal so the Mariners can pretend they drafted him over Brandon Morrow all along. But if that isn't the case, if a trade is made for rumors other than serendipity and symmetry, well, League is a little icky. His strikeout rate keeps falling, and his walk-rate yo-yoing is completely bizarre.

Rumor #3

Jonathan Broxton, the former #Dodgers closer, is another reliever of interest for #SFGiants.

The last time we saw Jonathan Broxton, he was doing this, this, and this:

I didn't really want to write a post about trade rumors, to be honest. Just wanted to link to those videos before the Dodgers series. I wanted to embed them, really, but a team of gibbons runs the MLB Advanced Media wing, and they just sit around, grooming each other, picking bugs out of fur and eating them, and deciding which videos are embeddable, and which ones are secret, private videos.

Also of note: The idea of the Giants trading for Broxton is still gross.

Rumor #4

I did a podcast with the good folks at Getting Blanked today

Sources indicate this is a done deal. People with knowledge of the situation have told me you can find the podcast here. Also, you should bookmark Getting Blanked and follow all of their authors if you're the tweeting type. Most of them are secret Giants fans, you know.