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Late Night/Early Morning Link Dump

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Brandon Belt and selective aggression
From The Hardball Times, a look at the unique player profile of Brandon Belt. It's not just about him declining to swing. It's about him swinging only at pitches inside the strike zone. Fascinating stuff.


2012 DPL Prospect: Gustavo Cabrera OF - YouTube
Hey, he's just about the best prospect in the system these days, so why not another video? I like the thing that he does with his bat where he hits the ball and then runs.


Giants' Catch 22: What to do with all of San Francisco's behind-the-plate talent? - San Jose Mercury News
I'm worried that because of quotes like this ...

Sanchez's offensive potential has always been a given.

That there's going to be a backlash against Sanchez. He's not a plus-hitting anything. Not a catcher, not a first baseman ... he's just not. Yet. And I'm still a believer in "yet." He's still just 22, which is an age where an A-baller can skate by relatively unnoticed. So while I'm not thrilled with Sanchez's production so far this year (.264 average, .263 on-base percentage!), I'm not ready to tar him with the suck-brush.

At the same time, he sure as hell isn't a "given." Come on, now. Let's just sit down and talk this one out.

Star-divide Prospects: Crick Follows Familiar, Bumpy Path For Giants
A profile of Kyle Crick, with comparisons and anecdotes related to Matt Cain. I think it's subscription-only, but I heartily endorse this product and/or service.


Modify Watches - San Francisco Watches
This is a watch with Buster Posey's face on it. That seems important.


Top 120 Prospect List for 2012: Midseason Revision - Minor League Ball
To underscore the link up there with Gustavo, as well as the one with Crick, here is a list of top prospects around baseball. Pretend Bumgarner, Posey, Sandoval, and Belt are prospects. Now you feel better. Instead of that speculative stuff, they're helping out a first-place team.


Dodgers Grounds Crew Places Tarp Over Unsightly Crowd | The Onion
You are right to believe this completely legitimate news story without investigating further.