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Post-Game Placeholder

Out of town today, and I'm a watch the game tonight with the magic of DVR. Unless someone spoils the score for me first, in which case I'll watch the entire game on fast-forward. You don't know fun until you've watched Ryan Theriot on fast-forward. He's a twitchy little fellow.

Either Vogelsong was a bad, bad man (in that good, good way) or Feldman represented B-Game like a boss (don't hate the player, fear tha 'GAME). So either way, there's something to take away from this game. But it'd be much, much, much cooler if the Giants could just win after last night's turd of a game.

You already know if they have or haven't. And that makes me feel like a wizard when I'm typing this, communicating with the future. What are things like in the future? Are you happy there? Can I bring you anything?