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On Buster Posey and Infield Pop-Ups

Over on Baseball Nation today, I wrote about Joey Votto, who is a freak. He's not a freak just because he's Canadian -- that only makes him untrustworthy. He's a freak because he doesn't hit infield pop-ups. One since 2010, to be exact.

I got an e-mail later about the infield pop-ups from Votto that I missed. There were a lot of them, listed in chronological order. I was going by the FanGraphs total. I was scared that either that was wrong, or that I was an idiot. The latter was more likely.

But I went into the archives to research these supposed Votto infield pop-ups, and they were fly balls to the outfield that the shortstop ranged back and caught. My honor was preserved.

You're wondering why you're reading about this. Probably because you're bored and killing time, but that's between you and yours. My point, though, was that in the comments, our own Lies and Perfidy noted that Buster Posey had an even lower infield pop-up rate. And now we know that the FanGraphs infield-fly rate is legit.

In the interest of thoroughness, this site is pleased to present the only two infield pop-ups of Buster Posey's career:

Buster Posey has seen 3,361 pitches in his major-league career. On those two, both in 2011, he popped a ball to the infield. With the other 3,359, he did not.

I'm not sure why this is important. I just know that it is.