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Pre-Game Link Dumpin'

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Baseball Stock Photography: The Giants know how to turn back the clock :: Mangin Photography Archive
Some sweet pictures from Turn Back the Clock days past and present. Well, I guess they're all past. Literally and figuratively. Just look at the pictures.


Martin Agosta thrilled to be drafted by hometown Giants |
And suddenly, there is a new favorite rooting interesting from this draft class:

St. Mary's pitcher Martin Agosta has too many memories as a Giants fan to count. They include spending summer nights on his Sacramento patio with his dad watching Giants games on TV and hopping into a car with his friends moments after the Giants won the 2010 World Series to take the 30-minute drive from St. Mary's to San Francisco to celebrate.


New Mexico Baseball POY: Shilo McCall - Player of the Year - ESPNHS
A little snippet on the Giants' ninth-rounder. He reportedly wants to sign instead of go to college. Good choice. College is filled with liquor, parties, and wanton pleasures of the flesh. Young souls need not engage that sort of temptation.


Giants' First-Year Player Draft haul heavy on college pitchers | News
I initially clipped this for this quote:

"Our board was mixed," Barr said of the selection of Stratton. "We had both high school and college, both position [players] and [pitchers]. Had he not been there, whether or not it would have been a pitcher or not, I don't know. It might have very well been a position player."

But I think I like this comment below the article better:

Get a clue Brian and start drafting someone to "Hit" the ball and not only "Throw it".

Of note: You, as a baseball fan who likes to discuss things on the Internet, are no different from those comments in the eyes of the front office. We're allllll lumped in together.


Barry Zito lists $11.495 million Kentfield compound
Tim Lincecum's Arizona home for sale
In case you like snooping on how the other half lives, here are two houses to snoop at. I think I'll start a Kickstarter for the Zito house.


Brett Bochy Minor League Statistics & History -
Most of you know this, but in case you didn't, the clubhouse is gonna get mighty awkward soon. Brett Bochy hasn't had a problem with professional baseball yet, and he could be up in September. Heck, maybe sooner if a 40-man spot opens up.


Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives - Pagan Angel - Demons to Some... ...Angels to Others
Forgot there was a great Iron & Wine song with "Pagan Angel" in the title, but more importantly, there's a defunct black-metal band named Pagan Angel, too. Tracking down demos and bootlegs now. Will let you know what I find.