He's gone, boys and girls. He's gone, and I hurt more than I can express.

There is no way to suggarcoat this. it will seem like a cruel joke, and it is, but it is also true.'

Last night/morning, Alex_Lewis was at my house as he often is. He staid up late, as often did. He stepped at some point onto the back porch. I was in bed. At about four I came out because the house lights were still on. I found him lying on the back porch in pool of blood that came from his brain: through eyes, ears, an month. It was a terminal head injury of the sort no one could expect. Age 27.

The medics got him to the hospital in five minutes, but it didn't matter. The damage had been done. Alex_Lewis, my son and my best freind, was dead on my back porch.

He was a brilliant boy, far brighter than I but maybe less flamboyant.

In any case, we've lost him. I reckon there will be a non-religious service on Saturday coming. It will be in Sacramento. I also intend to bring ashes to ATT on Tues/Wed /Thurs. Alex would love to among the wind going out over the fence, or coming in from left.

I write this as a broken Gallo del Cielo I'm not sure what will fix me, but i still intend to be at the Astro game. It won't hurt.

Kelly Lewis

Send PM 's to the address on my profile. Please come to the memorial on Saturday. Details will follow

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