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Open Second Draft Day Thread

This one's mostly for the draft wonks, but at least we can gather around and watch for funny names. I just picked a Giants draft at random -- 1989 -- and check these babies out!

  • Jeff Gidcumb
  • Dan Rambo
  • Gustavo Vollmer

The next year had Rikkert Faneyte. This stuff doesn't get old. Hell, I'll just go ahead and link to this because it took me about 40 hours last year. Read it. You don't have to be amused. Just humor me. A piece of me died that week ...

Update: The Giants took Martin Agosta with their second-round pick. Some links, after the jump ...

Perfect Game
The biggest change in Agosta’s development this spring into one of the nation’s premier college pitching prospects, though, has been in the improvement in his changeup. With his increase in fastball velocity, he has only added to the differential on his change, while maintaining the same arm speed on both pitches. He has not been afraid to throw his change in any count, and it has been extremely effective against both lefthanded and righthanded hitters. With the general improvement he has shown with his raw stuff, Agosta’s evolution into a top prospect has become somewhat complete as he has always been considered an excellent athlete (he is a scratch golfer), has a quick, loose arm and an extremely-competitive approach.

Baseball America

Agosta said he worked in the 86-88 range as a freshman, when he pitched 70 innings and posted a 5.40 ERA. He barely touched a baseball that summer, focusing on adding strength to his slender frame, and his velocity bumped the low 90s when he returned for his sophomore year. He went 7-6, 2.81 with 76 strikeouts in 90 innings as a sophomore, but the best was yet to come.

Agosta started generating a real buzz amongst Northern California scouts during the fall of his junior year, when he ran his fastball into the mid-90s. He has continued to flash 95 mph heat at times this spring, though he worked more comfortably in the 89-91 range and peaked at 92 Friday at USD.

"When he's 94-96, the ball is elevated," Soto said. "He can usually reach back for it, but definitely he commands the ball better downstairs at 89-92."

Seedlings to Stars (with added bonus that they had Agosta to the Giants in their mock draft):

Agosta, a 6’1″, 185 right-hander, has really had an uptick in velocity as he has filled out his frame. Agosta’s fastball topped out at 88 MPH coming out of high school when he was 6’1″, 170, but since filling out his fastball has jumped to 95 MPH with nice late life, and he has also really improved his slider, with features sharp spike break and has flashed plus when he has been able to locate it.