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Matt Cain's Perfect Game Link Dump Spectacular

I want this to be a living document, so if you have any Matt Cain links you think are really good, please post them in here and I'll update it.

Matt Cain's Perfect Game In GIFs - McCovey Chronicles
I'll keep adding to this, but I've set up a page for the GIFs. Don't worry -- they're just the links, so you can open the page without fear of melting your computer

Joe Blogs: Cain Perfection
Joe Posnanski on Cain. Predictably great.

Historic memorabilia split between Cain, Cooperstown
A quick rundown of what's going to Cooperstown and what isn't

The crazy reason a beat writer missed Matt Cain’s perfect game, and why that’s OK -
Why Henry Schulman missed the perfect game because of a date that didn't exist

Matt Cain: Perfect Game Heatmap - Baseball Analytics Blog - MLB Baseball Analytics
This looks like something that Dateline would find by running an exposé and shining a blacklight on the desk that I used to write my "Matt Cain pitched a perfect game" post. But try not to think about that.

Did Matt Cain throw greatest game ever? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Nice writeup from David Schoenfield, who was watching along with the rest of us.

Baseball Prospectus | Wezen-Ball: Matt Cain, Peanuts & "How Did the Other Team Feel?"
Matt Cain and Charlie Brown, so you know I've read it twice.

Baseball Prospectus | BP Unfiltered: Matt Cain's Next Start
Nifty bit of trivia from Sam Miller. Frightening, but those other pitchers weren't Matt Cain

Matt Cain’s Place in History | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at Matt Cain's game score, and where it ranks in history. Spoiler: It was a good game

Ultimate Astros " Giants’ Cain throws perfect game in overwhelming win over Astros
This is one of my favorite pieces from the perfect game, and it comes from an Astros writer. Walks the fine line between a) acknowledging that a perfect game is the sum of a bunch of unlikely parts (including luck) and b) holy crap Matt Cain.

Matt Cain Inadvertently Makes Houston Astros Part Of Baseball History | The Onion
A headline from the Onion.

Keeping Score: Giants' Starters Aren't as Good as Billed -
This link made the rounds after the perfect game. It's worth another read. It's always worth another read.