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Pre-Game Links

Bay Area Sports Guy – ‘Lot of concern’ after Pablo Sandoval injures left hand
No updates yet on the Pablo Sandoval injury, but I'm expecting the worst. And by "worst", I mean exactly what happened last year, just with the other hand. I was already writing a crappy play about the Giants' offensive struggles in a post-injury landscape and titling it "Fontenot Hitting Third." I don't want to add Theriot or Hector Sanchez into the title. That would make it too clunky. Help me out Giants.


SF Giants GM Brian Sabean on Brandon Belt
I know this has been linked in the comments section already, but it deserves front-page love. This passage ...

When was the last time the Giants had a future gem they let play his way through rookie doldrums, the way they patiently let ancient Miguel Tejada try to find himself last year?

The Fringe-ers are saying, "Let Belt suck the way you let Tejada suck. At least Belt has a potential upside.

... distills the thousands of monotonous words I've written on the subject into its essence. I'm tired of the story too, but I'm glad someone put the problem so succinctly.


オリックス・ボーグルソン6者連続奪三振 - YouTube
This is a video of Ryan Vogelsong pitching in Japan. I'm really, really hoping the characters up there don't say something like "When will Manson be released for great justice???" or something even worse, like "I love the Eagles! Don Henley is the best!" You know what? Don't even tell me.


AT&T Park Etiquette For New Giants Fans: SFist
From the author of yesterday's stadium piece, here's something I hadn't seen before. It had me when it started complaining about The Wave.


Willie Mays Jersey on Antiques Roadshow
I will offer my net worth: $4, a collection of CDs, and my autograph on a Milt May card. Think it over, owner of this jersey.


Home | SB Nation Pick 6
The whole point of this link dump was to give some love to Pick 6 so everyone could play today. Turns out there's an East Coast afternoon game that's already started, so you're too late! I'm guaranteed to win! Anibal Sanchez was my pitcher pick, of course. I don't even feel guilty.

I'm trying to figure out how to remind everyone to play Pick 6 without doing a daily front-page thing. Maybe I'll just tweet it out. But it's hella fun, and everyone should do it. Lookout Landing has more participants. Is that what you want?