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Closer Strikes Out the Side, Vol. II

Well, Sergio Romo isn't a closer. But he did finish the game on Sunday by striking out the side. That counts toward the new McCovey Chronicles policy of .giffing a half-inning in which the closer strikes out the side.

Also, the Sergio Romo Is Awesome Clause amended the new policy to include Romo. Maybe that isn't a clause titled "Sergio Romo Is Awesome", but rather something the kids are saying these days. "Oh, that new video game is awesome claus." Will investigate later.

On to the .gifs!

I think my favorite one is the one with the slider. Also of note: pink cleats.

My favorite FanGraphs stat of his last year -- other than the whole strikeout-to-walk ratio of 70/5 -- was his strike percentage. He walked five batters in 48 innings, but he didn't live in the strike zone as much as you'd expect. The league average for pitches thrown in the strike zone was 45.3 percent; Romo was just a tick above that, 47.5%.

But 17 percent of the pitches Romo threw led to swinging strikes -- almost double the league average.

Professional baseball players look like idiots against Sergio Romo.