San Jose Giants FanFest 2012 Report: Part 1 - Roster info

First, the important part: I got info about a lot of players who were missing from rosters! I made a list of about 70 players who had been left off of the recently-announced rosters and brought it to the fanfest. While I was going through the line, when I got to Dan Burkhart I asked him about Kendry Flores, Jesus Galindo, and Lorenzo Mendoza. He, Jeff Arnold, and Andrew Susac helped me out with those guys. Later, I took my list and walked back over to the first table that had Drew Bowlin, Ryan Bradley, and Edward Concepcion. I asked if they would mind me asking them where some players were (while they were signing autographs), and they were super cool about it!! My list was a bit long, though, so I didn't ask about every single player. But with the three of them combined (and Stephen Harrold chiming in from the other table sometimes), they knew the status of pretty much every player I asked about. It was great. Before I was done, they finished signing and got up to go to the bathroom, so I ended up asking Jarrett Parker and Ryan Lollis about some of the other players. Anyway, this is the info I gathered:

Players in extended spring training
Brandon Allen
Luis Angeles
Marvin Barrios
Paul Davis
Kendry Flores
Matt Graham
Ryan Honeycutt
Cameron Lamb
Rafael Martinez
Mike McBryde
Lorenzo Mendoza
Jesus Navarro
Mario Rodriguez
Reinier Roibal
Gaspar Santiago
Ydwin Villegas
Stephen Yarrow

Released players
Raynor Campbell
Brice Cutspec
Julio Izturis
Aaron King
Michael Main
Addison Proszek
Ryan Scoma
James Simmons

Injured players
Jorge Bucardo - somehow hurt his arm again, just last week or something
Craig Clark - still not 100% from the injury from last year, but Drew Bowlin said he's "close"
Jacob Dunnington - tore his oblique, but got a cortisone shot a week ago and is feeling better
Jesus Galindo - hurt his hamstring
Ryan Lormand - hurt his shoulder
Kelvin Marte - still recovering from his wrist injury
Rafael Rodriguez - hurt his hamstring like the 2nd day of spring training

Andy Altemus - retired
Daniel Brock - no longer in the organization, but I don't know what happened
Kyle Nicholson - retired
Jake Shadle - wasn't at spring training but Ryan Bradley said he's "coming back soon" whatever that means

If you have burning questions about any other players (or follow-up for any of the guys I listed) and think a San Jose player might know the answer, I can try to ask when I go to the Opening Night game in Modesto on Thursday!

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