Flying Squirrels roster, some new faces

richmond roster 012

some pitching prospects, as the other thread was noting, with Chris Gloor skipping some levels (1 game at SJ last year) which happens to 6;6" lefties. Bochy, Dunning, Kickham, Wescott, Heston, Quirarte. Not sure why Justin Fitzgerald didn't get promoted to Fresno.

No bona fide shortstop which leaves room to Panik in a few months. Minorleague journeyman 2B Daniel Mayora could play there, along with Joel Weeks and Jose Flores. Maybe Cavan goes back to short.

Offense comes from Dominguez repeating the level, Gary Brown, Light Tower Tommy Joseph, JC Perez repeating, Ryan Cavan plus Monell, the aging Wes Hodges, and Wendell Fairley who had a brief visit hear in 2011 .

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