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Matt Cain Nostalgia Link Dump

There isn't a real good reason for this post. At first, I thought I wanted to do one because I figured one of the best parts of the Matt Cain extension was that we wouldn't have to sift through Matt Cain-related trade rumors anymore. But we haven't had to for a couple of years now.

Still, it feels so danged official now. The Giants aren't trading Matt Cain for a big bat. The Giants aren't trading Matt Cain for a middle-of-the-order hitter. The Giants aren't trading Matt Cain. Lawyers wrote as much into a fancy contract, and there are all sorts of signatures on it.

I needed an exorcism. This is the blogger equivalent of putting a bunch of Polaroids of an ex into an open flame and watching the corners curl up. I needed this, dammit. You can take it or leave it.

Is Sabean Ready to Move Matt Cain?
The Giants could make two types of deals for him. They could do a one-for-one splash deal, like the rumored Cain-for-Prince Fielder thing that started circulating last fall. That would certainly be easier to swallow for Giants Nation and perhaps even for Giants ownership, who must be appeased because this is the last year of Sabean's contract. The other type of the deal would be the kind that the A's made with Dan Haren or the Orioles made with Erik Bedard: get four or five minor leaguers, a few of which are ready to step up to the majors right now.


Prince Fielder A Giant in the Making?

Now the question is: What do the Brewers get for a guy like Fielder? With a rotation in flux, and the possibility of Ben Sheets leaving after 2008 as a free agent, it would make the most sense for the Brewers to go after a starting pitcher.

One interesting name that seemed to make sense was the Giants' Matt Cain. Despite a 7-16 record in 2007, and a 4.39 ERA in 2008, Cain is still a legitimate ace pitcher and still has a huge upside.


Fielder and Hardy to Giants for Cain? Do it.

Strange as the notion sounded in spring training, the Giants aren't that far away from serious contention. A power hitter is the obvious need. While Lincecum has shown that true greatness shines through the heaviest fog, Cain seems forever on the perimeter, clearly stifled by the team's weak offense but ... what is it? Not the integrity, not the stuff, but something is missing.

Star-divide - Jayson Stark

Giants GM Brian Sabean has told clubs repeatedly that he has no interest in busting up the best thing his team has going for it -- the power 1-2 combo of Cain and Tim Lincecum. But if it meant a realistic chance to deal for Prince Fielder, wouldn't he have to rewrite his script?

"Brian has been saying he won't trade one of those two pitchers for anyone," said one NL executive. "But if you're asking me, he ought to reconsider. If they want to get that kind of player, they're going to have to trade Matt Cain to get it."


Yankees may part with catcher Jesus Montero in order to get the top pitcher they sorely need - New York Daily News

One major league scout yesterday suggested the Yankees might be able to convince the offensively challenged Giants to trade Matt Cain for Jesus Montero.


Mailbag: Rox renovation in order - The Denver Post

While I doubt that the Rockies would trade within the division, the kind of deal that would make sense is Holliday for San Francisco's Matt Cain and a prospect.

Nope. None of the above. Oh, and Cain isn't going to give up a run on the way to a World Series win. That happened too. I don't fault the Cain-for-anybody rumors. The Giants had pitchers, and they needed hitters. It was only natural. But Matt Cain isn't going to be traded.