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Open GameThread, 4/11

But Bochy reiterated that he will not yo-yo Belt in and out of the lineup. The talented first baseman will get every opportunity to settle in, the manager said. And he'll be in the lineup Wednesday, after the entire team takes Tuesday off.That's from Andrew Baggarly on Monday. Bochy pulled the ol' switcheroo!

Angel Pagan - CF
Melky Cabrera - LF
Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Aubrey Huff - 1B
Hector Sanchez - C
Nate Schierholtz- RF
Brandon Crawford - SS
Emmanuel Burriss - 2B
Tim Lincecum - P

Buster Posey has shingles, so he was a late scratch from the lineup. That's almost a pun! Except that shingles is horribly, horribly painful instead of itchy. Best wishes to Buster.

In news that has absolutely nothing to do with the lineup, Tim Lincecum had a 13-14 record last year despite having a 2.74 ERA. Totally unrelated. What a fabulous lineup.

Gamethread Two