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Matt Cain Update: Matt Cain Should Be Richer Than The Old Matt Cain

Nothing really newsworthy on the Matt Cain front, though we have a couple of new articles from the national folks. First from Ken Rosenthal, who presents us with an article titled ...

Cain can be among highest-paid pitchers

Dammit so much. The article goes on to the extol the virtues of Matt Cain, who is pretty fantastic as it turns out, before giving us a glimmer of hope:

The Giants privately remain optimistic that they can lock up Cain; he already has signed two multi-year extensions with the club. But if the team gives Cain a raise from his current $15 million salary to $20 million annually, what will Lincecum then be worth per season, $25 million?

Again, not Cain’s problem.

I'm mentally fortifying myself for Lincecum pricing himself out of the Giants' range, but I can't worry about that now. It's all about Cain Cain Cain right now. I like Baggs's thinking on this.

Bumgarner signed a standard deal today, but that doesn't preclude the Giants from locking him up to a MATT MOORE-TYPE CONTRACT. I like package announcements too.