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Open GameThread, 3/8

Today's lineup:

Not Posey - CF
Not Posey - 2B
Not Posey - 1B
Not Posey - LF
Not Posey - SS
Not Posey - DH
Not Posey - C
Not Posey - 3B
Not Posey - RF

Tomorrow's lineup:

Some dude - CF
That guy - 2B
Some jerk - 1B
Whatever - LF
Guy who won a contest or something - SS
Dunno - DH
Person with hat
Person with hat (other)

If you're a completionist, here are the actual names from the first part:

Angel Pagan - CF
Manny Burriss - 2B
Brandon Belt - 1B
Brett Pill - LF
Ryan Theriot - SS
Gregor Blanco - DH
Eli Whiteside - C
Conor Gillaspie - 3B
Tyler Graham - RF

Bumgarner's pitching. Ryan Theriot is a .667/.750/.667 hitter when he hits fifth in his career. He's even better (.667/.667/1.000) as a cleanup hitter. I think we're onto something.