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Post-Games Thread: You Heard of Bees?

Well, a herd of them is chasing me.
Well, a herd of them is chasing me.

I didn't listen to much of the game, but there were bees. And I wanted an excuse to use this picture of Charlie and Humphrey. The video of "heard of bees" is literally the only video that YouTube doesn't have. Literally! But you can get "Borrowing Without Asking", so all is not totally lost.

Also, I wanted to share this quote from Angel Pagan ...

... I saw Chris Young running toward their bullpen like something happened. All of a sudden, I saw those bees circling around the outfield. Pretty impressive.

... because it's a gem of an out-of-context baseball quote. I love the "pretty impressive" tacked on at the end.

In the games, the Giants tied the Brewers and clubbed the Diamondbacks 11-1. Hector Sanchez was 3-3, Brett Pill had a bunch of hits, Madison Bumgarner looked sharp, and Brandon Crawford impressed the heck out of his pitchers. But let's not forget what's really important here: bees. Bees!