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Nighttime Music Thread

Been a while since we've had one of these, and it beats the heck out of analyzing a game where the best players on the field aren't going to be around this year (Belt) or next (Cain)*. So here goes.

Give us the album (or song or band) that had you hooked from the first couple of minutes. As in, you'd never heard them before, but before the first song is over, you're hooked. I like to call these the "Marvin Berry moments" of your live, where you call someone who was looking for that new sound and hold up your phone.

I bought Elliott Smith's XO back in 1998, and I didn't know much about him or the record. "Sweet Adeline" came on, and I was already digging the little guitar run and the melody. But then the orchestration kicks in for the chorus, and it was like I licked a toad that was coated with dust from crushed Sgt. Pepper's vinyl. It was an out-of-body experience. Knowing more about Smith now, I almost wish I knew his stuff from before -- simple, acoustic -- just so I could have my mind blown with the big-budget production. But I still like the order I picked him up.

I've been in a musical slump this last year -- feels like I'm not exploring as much, and when I am getting stuff, I'm not liking it. Just picked up the new Destroyer, The Weeknd, M83, and Cloud Nothings based on recommendations, and I don't like a single one. I figured I'd just listen to Steely Dan for the rest of my life and age gracefully without bothering the kids these days.

Did the same thing with my mid-life-crisis music, digging through all sorts of year-end metal lists, looking for the best albums of 2011. Other than a couple ones that were okay, I was mostly disappointed. It was depressing. So old. So ready for Steely Dan and only Steely Dan.

Then I listened to Christian Mistress' Possession for the first time today, and I was reminded me of Motorhead, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and even Guns 'n' Roses in the first minute. So many good riffs. So good. I put Aja away for at least the next hour.

So now you. The albums that made you get a glass of water just so you could do a spit take, if you would.

*Still trollin'