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Morning Link Dump

PRODcast Episode 4: The DadLap Edition You sent... | PRODUCTIVE OUTS
Did a podcast with the good folks from Productive Outs. You might know half of the Productive Outs tandem as "delorean" around these parts. Now you can hear what his silky, silky voice sounds like.


Remember, the man at the helm now, Larry Baer, is a marketing man. Surely he understands the wrath that the ticket-buyers will feel if the Giants do not make a competitive offer and let him walk, especially if he walks into Chavez Ravine.

So much wrath. I'm keeping wrath in a jar under my porch, like Vern from Stand By Me, just so I can save it for the right moment. It's hard to believe that the Giants didn't see this coming, but that probably means that Cain's agent saw it coming too. "Just wait for the Dodgers sale to go through, and that'll add another $10 million."


A's Open The Regular Season; Fans In Bay Area Can't Watch - Baseball Nation
Man, this author doesn't just write well -- he's also handsome and funny. Handsome, too. I was planning on waking up for Opening Day this morning until I found out that it wasn't going to be broadcast in the Bay Area. Completely unbelievable. The reason that there wasn't a bigger stink made ahead of time is that no one figured it was going to happen. No professional sports league could be that stupid, right?


Bay Area's best and boldest base stealers - SF Gate

"We had power," Willie Mays said. "We didn't need to steal bases."

It's nicer to read that rather than the 16th frightening "Giants are going to run more!" article.


Lincecum still not satisfied with his fastball - CSN Bay Area
Latest from Baggs on the spring travails of Tim Lincecum. This is exactly what I was talking about a couple of weeks ago: Lincecum makes me nervous like no other multiple Cy Young-winning, mostly consistent and awesome pitcher can. It's the weirdest dynamic.