the rotating-positions approach. With Blanco.`

I have never managed major league players and may underestimate the ego complications. But when there are question marks, why not use April and May as a trial period to find out things such us--

how spacy is Angel Pagan's defense? can Blanco hit consistently? Likewise, Scheierholz and Belt?

Let's say Pagan, Blanco, Melky, and Nate share the 3 outfield positions. This is made easier if Belt is installed at first base for a while due to Huff sore back , or if Belt gets sent down which I don't want to happen.

The simple version of all this: most weeks in April have 6 games. That's 18 spots for outfielders, could be 5 for Melky and Blanco, 4 each for Nate and Angel. I have another version involving 1B and C also, and was giving Huff about 3 starts a week. Blanco's good Spring made the outfield more crowded.

6 reserves (only 4 starting pitchers needed until April 24) would be a catcher such as Hector; Pill; 2 infielders of Theriot, Fontenot, and Burris, Blanco as 4th outfielder, and still 1 more spot which could be Huff and that sore back.

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